Due to the change in service delivery models for software, we are seeing more customers being forced to manage the relationship between multiple vendors. Unfortunately we often see this resulting in the customer being in the middle of two or more service partners with neither accepting responsibility and the customer not able to fully understand what is wrong and who can resolve it. We can assist in managing the relationships to ensure that problems are resolved with minimal impact to the customer be that generally or with a specific issue. We fully recognise the value of having internal IT staff that have an intimate knowledge of the business and its processes but at times this relationship can also break down, we can assist in getting this relationship back on track by validating the services delivered by the IT department for the business.

We have worked with internal or external IT resources by adding our experience in server performance and troubleshooting to solve specific problems. We have provided drop in project management resource to support internal IT resources in the deployment of larger projects, again applying our experience but whilst ensuring that knowledge is shared and retained within our clients’ business.

We offer Digital Health Checks as a service designed to identify IT risks and potential issues that could compromise current or future business operations. The health check includes a report with recommendations for appropriate actions to resolve identified issues.

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