Data Security

Security is something that businesses often view as protecting their data from viruses and being hacked. However, we view security as ensuring that business data is accessible at all times by the correct, authorised users to allow the business to function. Our view of security incorporates data backups, security policies, threat management and business continuity. Data backups are carried out for two purposes:

  • Recovery of a complete system and its data in the event of failure, or
  • Recovery of an individual piece of data following loss or corruption

Subject to the levels and types of data, the level of data loss acceptable by the business and the required recovery time, there may be a requirement for multiple individual backup solutions to meet the business Recovery Time Objective.

Security policies could be as simple as ensuring that information is secured for access only by authorised users through individual user IDs to access their data. Equally, the policies could include auditing, regular penetration testing, training, device and data encryption and secondary authentication. Threat management includes anti-virus protection, SPAM management, Internet content management, firewalls, data leakage and unified threat management.

We can assist with preparing a Business Continuity plan which is a loosely defined set of planning, preparatory and related activities that try to ensure that critical business functions can either continue to operate despite serious incident or that recovery can be completed within an acceptable period of time for the business to operate critical function.

We work with our clients to design solutions that meet their business function and data needs whilst also recognising that budget is a major factor. We speak with our clients to allow them to make an informed decision on the balance between acceptable recovery time, data loss and cost.  Whilst no data loss and no downtime can be delivered it comes with a high cost and as the business accepts downtime and data loss the cost of a solution reduce.  We will work through and discuss the options with our clients so they are able to make the informed decision on the type of solution that is suitable for your business requirements whilst understanding the risks of the discussed options.

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