Networking means different things to different people, we see it as about allowing a business user to communicate with other users through the use of a computer network to do their work as efficiently as possible.

This communication can be eMail, video conference, instant chat, Financial Accounting Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning tools, Customer Relationship Management software or simple file sharing. We work with our clients so they can make an informed decision on what their business requires from a computer network by understanding how it could work for them. We help in getting behind the technology of the network and align the network solution to the needs of the their business.

We can advise our clients:

  • if they require a server or Cloud and what type
  • how their Internet can be managed for efficiency
  • on wireless networking
  • about delivering secure remote working access to their data
  • on server hardware virtualisation for energy efficiency
  • on general hardware and software purchasing requirements.

As we do not supply hardware, software or computer support, we can assist in choosing an appropriate partner to work with whilst ensuring that the relationship is working for both parties. Our independence means that you get the best solution for your business needs.

We can work with the following technologies and are prepared to take a hands on approach if required:

  • IBM, Dell, HP computer equipment
  • HyperV, VMWare and Citrix Virtualisation
  • Microsoft Server Operating Systems
  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
  • Software Licensing

In addition to providing independent pre-sales advice, we can offer knowledge share and project management support to internal staff when implementing larger projects bringing our wide ranging experience in various technologies and implementations to the table.

Please contact us if you wish to know more about how we can assist you with your business computer network requirements.