Software Development

Software development is a specialist area of information technology and for most businesses it covers website development, desktop software development and mobile application development. We work with our clients to ensure that their business requirements are clearly understood allowing them to have a clear view of what they are trying to achieve before they speak with developers. We believe that this process will ensure that a project can be delivered that is properly aligned to the business needs in functionality, cost and timescale. We assist clients in:

  • the business requirement gathering process
  • writing and running a tender procurement process
  • assistance in vendor selection
  • providing independent project management

We would suggest that a typical engagement of a developer for a website will last between 14 and 20 months subject to the size and complexity of the project including the first year of hosting and support. At the early selection stage you should ask ‘can I work with them’ as over the period to design, build, populate and support the new site this will consume a lot of time if it is not managed properly. This developer engagement will consume your time as you work with the developers, carrying this out in a structured manner from the outset will reduce this cost.

We can also assist with specialist areas like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation, Data Warehousing Design, Database Performance Tuning, Business Intelligence and Business Reporting solutions.

Please contact us if you require further information on how we can assist with your development projects.