Cyber Security

In this age of technology where UK businesses are realising 20% of their turnover through online sales, businesses cannot help but be involved in systems that revolve around computers, mobile devices and the World Wide Web. The amount and type of data that a business now stores as part of their daily operations might make us feel uneasy about our personal information with concerns over our physical safety but also probably the security of our identity. This is due to how the information held about us is managed and held in cyber space. In addition to the concerns over personal data security, businesses will have concerns about their exposure to the commercial risk of data loss or breaches with the associated possible reputational impact caused by such incidents.

We work with our clients to create a Cyber Security risk profile appropriate for our client’s data processing requirements to assist them in managing the risk in an informed manner. Whilst we could simply focus on the risks of data disclosure or loss, we fully recognise the critical importance of data availability to our clients. We work to ensure that cyber resilience risks are also highlighted as part of our process as we recognise that business continuity planning should be part of any Cyber Security incident planning. We work with our clients to ensure that staff at all levels are aware of how they can reduce the risks that they face from working online whilst assisting the business in managing this risk at the perimeter of their network where the greatest threats exists outside the internal staffing knowledge.

We work within the framework of the UK Government Cyber Essentials program as an independent and qualified Cyber Essentials Practitioner to offer advice to businesses interested in achieving Cyber Essentials. Again, this advice is given with our independent ethos at the forefront. We will work with your IT service provider or internal staff to achieve Cyber Essentials. Cyber Essentials allows a business to realise and demonstrate adherence to a nationally recognised standard on their Cyber Security and protect against unsophisticated threats that equate to about 80% of Cyber Security Incidents.

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