• Independent IT Advice

    We provide completely impartial advice to our clients by carrying out a health check on their computer systems.

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Customised by experience

We offer consultancy for clients who seek the opportunity to obtain independent and professional advice on IT, computer and digital services. Our independent ethos often results in our clients seeing cost savings in projects proposed by their suppliers or have seen projects become better aligned to the needs of the business in turn resulting in a faster return on investment.

Our philosophy is to work with our clients to ensure that their digital services are not impeding day to day business operations through poor architecture, process or resilience. We do not sell hardware, software, carry out software or web development and do not provide network support services to our clients which frees us up to focus on the best way forward for the business with no financial incentive affecting our advice.

We take a holistic view of our clients’ business advising on the best possible solutions for the best possible outcome.

As we are not paid by the suppliers, we always work in the best interests of our client to ensure that the project meets the following simple goals:

  • to see IT that is aligned to the business needs through digital and process mapping
  • to see the appropriate IT deployed properly for optimum business efficiency
  • to achieve cyber resilience through ensuring that the business is resilient to failure and data loss
  • to see an IT project that is delivered on time, on budget and delivering what it was supposed to

We believe that these simple goals return successful projects that will return on the planned investment of time and money. We are based in the Highlands of Scotland but are working with clients across the UK and have experience of working with many industry sectors and are more than happy to work further afield as required.

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Cyber Essentials Renewal

As we were the first business in the Highlands and Islands that had achieved the UK government backed Cyber Essentials scheme badge for cyber security, we are the first needing to complete the annual renewal process. We are very pleased to announce that we have achieved Cyber Essentials again with this demonstrating the level of […]

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Can’t believe it is Microsoft calling?

While writing up a report this week for a client for their Cyber Security strategy I took a call from a UK number with a very kind and polite person from Microsoft calling me to assist me with a problem that my computer is suffering from. I knew very quickly that this was a scam […]

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The backup contract that is worth nothing, check your backup now!

I have had cause to review a number of support contracts since releasing the article ‘Why do I need a contract?‘ with one in particular highlighting many things that I thought would be of interest to those who contacted me about this subject. I will not mention any names to protect the privacy of my […]

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Please take a ticket!

We have all been in the position where we have needed to call a help desk and once we have managed to traverse the automated call handler, we should hopefully get to speak to someone about our problem. Subject to the type of service that you are calling and the contract that you operate within, […]

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Do you know what has changed?

I regularly find that problems that I speak with clients about are due to poor change management when I asked to review risk management within their business data systems. I would suggest that this problem exists in equal quantity where businesses outsource or insource their IT services. Where Cloud or hosted services are being used […]

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Why do I need a contract or Service Level Agreement?

You outsource your IT help desk, your email services and your website but do you know what protection you have and what you get for your money in the contract? I have many conversations with clients about the risk profile of their outsourced IT service contracts that offer critical business dependency. In some cases the […]

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Cyber Security, what should I do now?

We have all seen the many recent news items with high profile and large business related Cyber Security attacks but when talking with clients of all sizes and across all sectors, they all share a concern for the threat at varying levels. When talking further with these clients, they generally feel confused as to what […]

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Backups are still a necessary pain!

The number one problem that I discuss with clients is backup and recovery with this initiated by both of us in equal quantities. It constantly surprises me that businesses of all sizes have inadequate backup processes for their business systems. Many businesses, whilst having implemented a backup strategy, fail to monitor and test it often […]

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Feedback from IT Health Checks

I have worked with a number of organisations over the last 2 years from the very small micro business to large multi‑national organisations purely in a consultancy role. What has struck me during these engagements is that, since I am no longer selling any hardware, software or solutions, client discussions cover much more and get […]

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Article published in Insurance Day December 2015

Insurers need to find a better way to assess cyber risk Due to the ever increasing utilisation of digital technology and the volume of data being processed and stored electronically, every business needs to become much more aware of the risks that they face. We have all heard of the high profile data leakages by […]

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